About Freifunk Luxembourg

Freifunk is a Project very similar to the consume.net movement in the UK (mainly London, history) where the goal is to build a Inter-city meshed Network. All of this with the help of stock WLAN-Router with a custom FOSS firmware. The network will enable free Connectivity within the City and, with the help of peerings, to other Cities. To achieve this goal, Freifunk-nodes are being deployed by volunteers. Every WiFi-enabled device can thus communicate with participants in the network (independent of Internet connectivity) although most Freifunk nodes also offer free Internet.

Originated in Germany, Freifunk has been deployed successfully in many countries. The OLPC project in Afghanistan uses freifunk for its mesh deployments to distribute digital books, news and educational media. In Ghana freifunk is used to bridge the digital divide in villages. In Vietnam freifunk is used to offer Internet connections at Free and Open Source events like FOSSASIA. In Europe and the Americas city and village networks lower costs for communities and small and medium sized companies, that share common Internet connections, ADSL, Telephone or Satellite uplinks in remote regions.

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You are interested and want to participate? Well you have got several possibilities.
Come and visit the local Hackerspace “Chaosstuff” by the Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg and talk with the national Freifunk community. Here you can also get a preconfigured Freifunk router.
We have a tutorial for the more advanced users how you can configure your own router with our Freifunk Images.


you can donate with Bank transfer:
Account-Holder: Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg
IBAN: LU29 0019 2855 3890 4000
Communication: Donation Freifunk
or donate per Bitcoin:
BTC address: 3BV5UPToMUmXJiqUVndHjSSq2HqDW8npRd
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